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DAN Ltd are experienced dealing with the most challenging environments. We offer

extensive Filthy House and Hoarder Cleaning across South Wales and South East England.

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Our Cleaners

Our expert cleaners are carefully selected and fully trained to ensure cleaning stays consistently at a high standard with each job. We try to allocate the same cleaners on frequent jobs to ensure consistent service and to build familiarity. We recognise the trust you put in us by welcoming us into your homes. That’s why we DBS check every member of our staff to ensure only the most trusted individuals work for us.

We don’t judge circumstances

Believe it or not, hoarding is a lot more common than people realise. We acknowledge that when people find themselves living with in a filthy house, they might feel embarrassed or worried about being judged. We understand this and do everything we can to put their minds at ease. 

We recognise that we are all only a personal circumstance away from letting things go too far. Or perhaps one item from forming a hoard. Many people don’t realise they are hoarders until the problem is too challenging for a single person to deal with. We’re there to help and no matter the size of the challenge. Our team of trained and determined cleaners are prepared. 

When buildings are very dirty, there can often require other services such as; pests control and mould treatment. Mould spores and/or rodent droppings can cause health issues to residents and should be dealt with instantly. Fortunately DAN Ltd are experts in these fields and can offer fast acting solutions. 


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