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At DAN Ltd, we are here to help with Pest Control in South Wales and South West England. Our PPCR technicians are experienced with dealing with various types of pests, providing you with an effective and efficient service.


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Commercial Pest Control

We work with businesses across different sectors to provide pest control solutions that are both efficient and effective. We acknowledge the threat that pests pose to businesses and as such offer a fast response time.

Regardless of the type of business, you are in the South Wales & South West England area, we have experience working with businesses of all sizes.

Fast Response

We try to respond to any emergency situation as quickly as possible. 

Qualified Technicians

All technicians are qualified and trained to deal with your pest issue.  

Affordable Pricing

Our services are offered at a competitive price without compromise. 

Pest Control Services for Your Home

Operating in the South Wales & South West England area, our team of qualified exterminators are prepared and waiting for any pest issue you have at home. From cockroaches, bed bugs to mice and rats, we have dealt with it all before. Contact us if your home or flat has been invaded and one of our experts will be there to offer advice and help on what to do next.

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