Waste Management

At DAN Ltd, we work with residents and businesses of all sizes across all sectors in South Wales and South West England to solve their general waste, hazardous waste and recycling challenges.


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Waste Collection Bins - South Wales Business

Waste with DAN Ltd

DAN Ltd are fully accredited waste carriers meaning we can help dispose of whatever waste you have. Whether it is general waste, hazardous waste or perhaps something you need to be recycled. We are keen to recycle as much as possible.

Our tailored, service-driven waste service provides you with an experienced team of waste handlers with the knowledge and necessary tools to source the right solution to any given problem, regardless of if it’s at home or in the workplace. We offer our clients different sized bins 

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Waste Management Services

Residential Waste Collection

We are there to help with all your waste challenges at home no matter the size of the job. Providing a quick solution to excess waste.


Waste Collection Bins - South Wales Business

Commercial Waste Collection

We offer businesses a hassle-free waste collection service no matter their size. Providing a reliable collection service at excellent value.


Hazardous Waste Collection

We are qualified to handle hazardous waste that would cause environmental and human harm. Safely disposing of it to the appropriate place.


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